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With Benefits

Brands need someone they can trust and who will seamlessly integrate themselves into their team. More than just a designer, you also get a thought partner that creates tailor made solutions for each business's unique needs.


Not Just A Pretty Logo

Brands aren't made with just a logo. With comprehensive brand kits and guidelines, brands are set up for success and with an identity built for growth.

Your Local Branding Gurus

The first step in the design process is establishing who you are by defining your brand's values and character. Developing a strong concept and clear brand strategy is done before we hit the drawing board.

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I credit Chipie with more than 30% of our sales increase."

– Kyle Inserra, Owner of La La Taqueria & National Restaurant Owners Podcast

House Specials

You might be able to tell, food is kind of our thing. Here's a taster of our a la carte design services menu.

Behind the Brand

Claudia del Castillo

Claudia del Castillo

After attending Rhode Island School of Design, Claudia got to travel the world as Reebok's Sr. Trend and Concept Designer scouring through global markets in search for the latest trends and cultural movements. She now applies her corporate and freelance experience to helping small businesses thrive with graphic design and branding expertise.

Vinnie Arnone

He is the ultimate secret weapon to add on to any project. Vinnie is a brand builder himself and an illustrator extraordinaire. He graduated from the School of Museum of Fine Arts and started his career in NYC creating apparel graphics for Old Navy. He then expanded his experience to footwear at Reebok and later took on all the graphic design and illustrative needs at SE Bikes.

Vinnie Arnone
Christine Devitt | Chipie Design

Christine Stoliker

A true north and steady driver, Christine Stoliker takes everything she touches to another dimension with color and UX. She is mastermind of brand strategy and  jack of all trades when it comes to branding. She graduated from the University of Cincinnati and gathered a decade of corporate design experience at Reebok.

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