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Branding  •  Menu Design  •  Signage  •  Branded Spaces  •  Interiors Consulting  •  Custom Illustrations  •  Handpainted Murals  •  Newspaper Editing

This taquería in the heart of our beloved Woods Hole has been a summer destination for us for many years so we were delighted to have been offered the opportunity to rebrand one of our favorites. The new branding injected Quicks Hole Taqueria with a bright new color palette of aquatic blues and a sunny yellow. The Mexican hand painted street signs inspiration gave way to several hand painted murals and graphics throughout the restaurant that got repainted to match the new branding. 

The most exciting and rewarding last minute addition to the project was creating a newspaper to house the menu and offer suggestions of things to do in Woods Hole for tourists and local alike. The opportunity to create a crossword was the cherry on top of our delicious pie.

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