Let's get to know one another

My design process is an intimate and collaborative experience. So get ready. We're going to be tight ;)

How this Works

The diagram below illustrates what to my design process usually looks like. Expect a thorough interview process upfront and a very collaborative Pinterest session to establish a clear direction before even hitting the drawing board.

Claudia del Castillo's Process | Chipie Design

Why Chipie

I create future-proof design solutions.

I have a decade's worth of experience in targeting macro trends two years in advance. Design trends come and go, so I create a brand identity that is unique and timeless solution for your mission.

Near or far. Big or small. I'm here for you.

I've been based in Cape Cod, Massachusetts for over a decade, but my clients are spread all over the country. From the west coast to New York and from the beaches of Puerto Rico to Cape Cod, I'm able to give my clients outstanding customer service and bespoke design solutions.

Fun fact: I've never stepped foot inside La La Taqueria, and its been one of my favorite brands to work on.

I strongly believe in my clients' autonomy

Included in my services is hosting all your design files in Dropbox; giving you full access to your files at all times.


When paired with a successful branding guidelines, you'll be empowered with all the tools necessary for all your business needs.